My first burger review: Hache

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I’ve been wanting to write reviews about burgers for quite a while now. It’s probably not the most on trend food to write about unless it contains an avocado, but there are certainly enough mouth wateringly tasty burger places in London to rant and rave about to keep me going for a good few posts.

I normally breakdown burgers into three categories: restaurant burgers, dirty burgers and fast food burgers. I will start with one of my favourite restuarant burgers:

The Steak Canadian – Hache

contains: sweet cure bacon, mature melted Cheddar cheese and 100% prime hached 6oz Scotch steak. £9.50

Hache was created by Sue and Berry Casey in Camden in 2004 and has now grown to have 5 restaurants across London. They source their beef from the Queen’s butcher in Covent Garden and have won heaps of awards for their delicious burgers.

What I like about this restaurant is the size of burgers, some places try so hard to cram so many ingredients into the bun that the burger ends up being the size of your palm and finished in three bites. Hache burgers are hefty in size, their menu is varied (they have a peanut butter burger!) and sides and puddings to make you ignore the protests from your stomach and keep scoffing your face.

Overall rating: 7/10.

Check out the rest of their mouth watering menu here:

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      1. I probably shouldn’t read your dating posts as my children are your age but unless they are especially naive I’d guess your parents knew about the G&T in the water bottle. A bit like the fake IDs mine sourced at 15 to get into the Brixton nightclubs!!! We were well aware of their existence. I’m sure you never did anything so awful!!


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