Cooking Cocktails – Breaking Bad Style

I’ve been a huge fan of Breaking Bad for years which coupled with my thirst for trying weird and wonderful things in London found me stumbling across a place called ABQ London aka the Heisenberg bar.

On Thursday night my Google maps led me to a rusty, old RV, parked in an abandoned parking lot in Hackney. A handwritten sign on the door stated ‘I am the one who knocks’, so I waited patiently to be let inside.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it definitely exceed any expectation I did have. Over the familiar twangs of the Breaking Bad soundtrack, everyone aboard the van donned bright yellow scrubs and were greeted with a Welcome drink that looked like this:


The tables were small and meant we had to share with others, but we used the opportunity to get to know the people we were sitting with and ask for advice on the best cocktails to pick! (plus they made for a great helping hand when cooking your cocktails)

And for the next 2 hours (and £30) we could ‘cook’ our own cocktails from the choice below:

breaking bad menu.png

I chose the ‘Walter Jr Breakfast’ – which came complete with an actual bowl of Rice Krispies, served with vodka laced milk that I infused with dry ice. I personally hate the taste of vodka on cereal (no idea why I chose it!) and the staff were kind enough to give me a fresh cocktail minus the cereal to enjoy.

My next choice was ‘Jane’ which saw me creating bubbles using Hydrosol Air, that I then scooped into my cocktail before drinking it.

The attention to detail in the van was incredible, the staff attentive and friendly and the atmosphere electric. For 3 drinks, 2 hours, £30 and one hell of an experience, this place is definitely worth paying a visit!

cooking cocktails.jpg

For more information and tickets, check out:


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30 thoughts on “Cooking Cocktails – Breaking Bad Style

  1. Crickey, I don’t watch Breaking Bad sadly but this is one quirky night out! How did you find it?!

    On a different note, thank you for like binge liking my posts (can’t believe people actually read my crap!) and for the follow!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh I like my bars so I enjoyed a visit to Mr Fogg’s Residence in Mayfair. It’s all decked out like a Victorian home. Trading House and The Bootlegger in the City were pretty cool too. I’m a sucker for all things to do with the old-world 🙂 Nowhere near as quirky as your visit to ABQ!

    By far the weirdest place I’ve ever visited was the Viktor Wynd Museum near Bethnal Green.

    Can’t wait to see more in 2017. What have you got lined up? I’ve got a whole backlog of places to visit 🙂 Oh and happy new year!


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