My Best Burgers in 2016

I am a big fan of all things beef (and occasionally chicken) and I wanted to share with you the best burgers I have tried in London in 2016:
1. Patty and bun
 patty and bun.jpg
Without doubt the best burger I have tried this year – specifically the Ari Gold. Whilst the burgers are a little on the small side they make up for it in taste. The beef patties ( I always have mine medium rare) are cooked to perfection and melt on the tongue. The brioche buns are deliciously sweet and that’s not forgetting the mouth watering sticky chicken thighs for sides too.
2. Hache
Whilst this isn’t a place that sells traditionally ‘ dirty’ burgers, the variety of  burgers from classic bacon and cheese, to slabs of Bavarian cheese, peanut butter and truffle oil put this restaurant in my top 5.
3. Duck burger @ the Sky Garden
Again not another typical dirty burger venue but the perfectly cooked confit duck egg that runs down a moist rich duck patty, makes this spot a must visit for burger fans.
4. Honest burger
This place does live up to its rave reviews. Like most London joints there are only a handful of options, but the pattys taste delicious and their infamous rosemary fries are definitely worth trying.
5. The Salt Burger @ Salt, Barcelona 
Whilst not strictly in London I couldn’t write about my favourite burgers and not include this place. When I visited Barcelona in 2015 a friend recommended this place (which happens to sit underneath the grand W hotel and looks out over the beach) and when I had the chance to go back to Barcelona this year I couldn’t pass up another visit. With more toppings than could ever possibly fit in your mouth in one go and moreish truffle oil parmesan fries this is quite possibly the best burger I have eaten. Ever.
And the not so good burgers:
1. Shake shack
I visited this place when I was extremely hungover and looking for some solace in food. The patties were dry and thinner than McDonald’s and the chips soggy and sparse. Despite the hype this place actually  felt like a slightly upmarket Burger King.
2. Dip and flip
A burger place that specialises in putting gravy on possibly every meal option, I was extremely disappointed to receive a burger so soaked in gravy it crumbled and fell apart as soon as I picked it up. My ‘cheesy’ chips and gravy were served to me in a takeaway box with cubes of cut up, non melted cheese.

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49 thoughts on “My Best Burgers in 2016

  1. Oh dear what have you done! I’ve just shared this with my daughter and my son’s girlfriend and I think we might be about to organise a best burger tour. Jenni (said daughter) is already researching a list!!

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  2. Thanks for sharing your list and totally agreed with you! A bit disappointed by Shake Shack but it is a fast food and we can’t compare with Haché (my favorite one until now). Thank to you I have 2 new places on my list. Can’t wait to taste your top of the list.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I agree they are completely different types of burger joints, but didn’t want to go into too much detail categorising them into fast food/restaurant/dirty burger.. but maybe that could be a future post! Let me know what you think of the 2 new ones when you try them 🙂


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