London’s Hip Hop Brunch

For those of you that have never experienced the delights of Hip Hop Brunch let me share with you what’s in store if you decide to try what’s been voted “the best brunch in London.”

I bought tickets for the 100th hip hop brunch (it takes place every Saturday), the location is always kept secret until a couple of days before. Ours took place at 100 Wardour Street which you haven’t visited already you should – it’s just off Oxford street and a beautiful place to eat.

My girls and I decided to dress to impress and turned up to the location with little to no expectation- after queueing for a short while (no more than 10 mins) we were let in and let to a dining area and bar. The music was already blasting and the clock had started ticking for the hour of free cocktails. With refillable glasses we secured a table near the front of the stage and downed our drinks as quickly as we could.

Every table was filled with props  – cut outs of Drake & Kanye for selfies, large gold chains, inflatables and the stage had two ‘tattoo artists’ creating the most intricate designs with marker pens for those that where that way inclined.

The food wasn’t spectacular – I had chicken wings to start and steak and chips for mains but they tasted cheap. However you soon realise that this event is not about the food but the incredible party the team put on for you.

With DJ’s blasting classics hip hop classics from the nineties and noughties, staff running around feeding tequila shots to anyone who’s ‘birthday’ it is and a flurry of photographers making sure they capture every euphoric moment of the day, what more could you want from an alternative to the middle class London brunch?

Well in my case, it was Fatman Scoop. As I danced my little heart out at the front of the stage- true to his name – a very fat guy ran onto the stage and started energetically jumping around and rapping. It took a couple of moments for me and my equally shell shocked friends to register who it actually was!

A couple of weeks later we found this picture of us featuring in Time Out! (if you squint and look closely I’m smiling like a loon near the front!)

hip hop brunch fatman scoop.jpg

If you’re after good cocktails, banging tunes and generally something a bit different from your poached eggs and avo for brunch then make sure not to miss the next hip hopping event.

Tickets can be found:

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39 thoughts on “London’s Hip Hop Brunch

  1. 1. Very jealous of Hip Hop Brunch, I’m a huge Brunch guy and never heard of these.

    2. I like the mysteriousness how they don’t tell you where it is until a day or two before.

    3. I don’t know if my brain can handle blasting music while hungover at Brunch, but after a few mimosas I think it’ll be a continuation of the night before. Your content is awesome, from – justanotherdudeinboston

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha thanks! I think it helps if you’re not hungover, but once you get one drink down you it usually sorts out the hangover! Thanks for checking out my site, I’ll check out yours 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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