Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Afternoon Tea

One of my best friends and I have an unhealthy obsession  with afternoon teas in London and our latest escapade saw us visiting the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Afternoon Tea at the Chesterfield Mayfair (nearest tube station is Green Park).

Set inside a hotel that oozes wealth and glamour, you are shown to your seats by a welcoming member of staff and are greeted by non other than Willy Wonka himself who hands you a gobstopper and a golden ticket that cannot be opened until you next return to the hotel. Inside is either a discount for a meal or a free stay in the hotel. Before you pick which afternoon tea you would like, you are served a fizzy popping candy drink in a mini bottle and straw – I felt like I was eating one of the ‘eat me’ tiny treats in Alice in Wonderland!  We opted to try the Willy Wonka chocolate tea which had just the right ratio of chocolate to actual tea!

afternoon tea.jpg

Your afternoon is accompanied by a classical pianist and the food is served in a  traditional 3 tiered afternoon tea stand with sandwiches, scones (including chocolate ones) and my favourite tier – desserts- which include a Willy Wonka chocolate bar, a golden egg and an ooma lumpa cupcake. Being a big lover of food, my favourite thing about it was the fact you could have as many refills of food and tea as you liked.


The staff are incredibly observant – topping up your drink and food before you even realise it’s empty and the every part of the home made food tastes incredible. It was by far of the best afternoon tea experiences I have ever had.

afternoon tea 2.jpg

If you’re looking for an afternoon tea with a twist, then this is definitely worth a try! Tickets can be found here:

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33 thoughts on “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Afternoon Tea

      1. Will do, thanks! Also, I hope you got my message about my Tinder post. I wrote a blog about Tinder, but I linked/credited your Tinder blog because I basically wrote about how tinder affected me and how it made me feel as a girl, etc 🙂

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  1. Ah yes afternoon tea. We did an Alice themed one a couple of Christmas ago. We’ve always likedo Fortnums tea and Brown’s is very good too. Jenni has a pretty good lIstanbul from memory if you do get on touch. Meanwhile time to check out willy w!


  2. Aahhhhh! I’m going to London for the first time in 4 weeks and I want to experience a proper tea so badly! I saw a post a few weeks back of an Alice in Wonderland themed tea, but now I want to try this one too!!


  3. Great…Yet another post from you that made me really hungry. I really need to stop reading them.

    I will definitely agree that it looks absolutely wonderful! Chocolate is my kryptonite, so I would have to be wheeled out of there in a sugar coma. I am so glad to hear (and see) you had a great time!

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    1. They are two of my favourite things too! Definitely try and go along -you will probably need to book in advance though, so I’d take a look on the website for availability if you can.


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