Clue Quest

One thing I love about London is the endless stream of activities you can do that you just wouldn’t even dream of doing anywhere else (especially if you’re from a small town in the north of England like I am!)

I had heard a lot about escape games since moving down, but hadn’t had a chance to visit any until now. The girls in my house and I decided to take it upon ourselves to plan a day out each month, keeping it a secret until the day for the rest of the girls.

April was my month and the first activity I planned was an escape game. We ended up visiting ‘Clue Quest’ only because out of the 10 other games I looked at this was the only one that had availability a month in advance (and even then only at 9am) and it was also one of the cheapest. I purposely didn’t do any research beforehand as I wanted to be totally immersed and not biased in any way during the game.

We arrived and were allocated a member of their team as our guide, he instructed us that Professor BlackSheep was planning a plot against us and we had to work through the clues available in the headquarters to stop the Professor from taking over the world.

Our guide told us he would be watching us from a separate room and would send us hints via walkie talkie if we got stuck. He led us into a long narrow room and wished us luck and locked the door behind him, above which was a timer that started counting down from 60 minutes.

Without giving too much away, it was one of the best, most fun and quickest hours of my life! The game was spread across three rooms which we unlocked as we solved more clues. They suggest working in groups of 3-5, so as a group of 4 we were perfect.

We worked well individually, but also combined our individual findings to work as a team. Our hearts and minds were racing for the whole time and the guide only helped us on a couple of occasions.

We eventually made it out with 37 seconds to spare and felt so elated! We were told that that particular room (there are 3) only had a 34% success rate and given that it was all of our first escape games we were pretty chuffed.

I would definitely recommend an escape game to anyone that interested, be it as a team building exercise, a group of friends, family or even a date, it’s an hour of pure, unadultered fun. Plus there are heaps ranging in price, difficulty, group size and location scattered all across London.

If you fancy checking out other escape games in London read this:

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12 thoughts on “Clue Quest

  1. We have an escape room that has opened in our little town. They have had three rooms so far. My kids and I did the first two together and escaped both times. We will do the third room next month when my son gets home from college. I agree they are so much fun and make you use your brain and communicate. My son and eldest live elsewhere and have done a few more rooms and love doing them. I am glad you enjoyed. The rooms we did so far were Sherlock and Jesse James themed. The next two are Intergalactic and Frankenstein.

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  2. Hi Guila, I’ve always wanted to check this out! You’ve sold escape rooms to me and my mateys. I was wondering if you can take the time to read my new blog and comment to let me know what you think. Some useful tips are always handy. Thank you muchos muchos xxx

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    1. I’m glad I’ve managed to sell it to you! Of course, I would be more than happy to take a look at your blog and share some tips with you 🙂 hope you’re having a good day xxxx

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